× Special Notice: In light of the further relaxing of the social distancing measures by the Government, the Kwai Tsing District Health Centre (K&TDHC) will enhance its service to the public. With effect from 19 June 2020, the K&TDHC Core Centre (CC), Satellite Centre (SC) and Service Point (SP) will open to all public in the district while advanced booking is encouraged. Number of class participant will be extended to 50 in the CC, and that in the SC and SP will depend on the size of the venue.

Body temperature will be checked for all individuals entering the DHC and mask will be worn throughout their stay in the DHC.

The DHC will continue all other necessary infection control measures to protect the staff and client, including cleansing and disinfection, hand hygiene, monitoring medical condition and travel history of all visitors, etc.

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Early Testing and Detection

Some people develop very mild symptoms, if suspected, please seek medical advice immediately and get testing done.

Early testing and detection is very important

As some people infected with COVID-19 only have mild symptoms, members of the public are advised to seek medical advice promptly when feeling unwell (even if having very mild symptoms only), so that appropriate diagnosis and management can be given at the earliest possible time.

Apart from the accident and emergency departments of public hospitals and general out-patient clinics (GOPCs), you may also visit private clinics and hospitals. You can proactively make a request to your doctor for testing when there is any suspicion. The Department of Health (DH) provides free testing of COVID-19 for private doctors.

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